Bending Square and Rectangular Tubingnews

Bending Square and Rectangular Tubing


Many structural fabricators have discovered the power of a compression pipe bender for working with s ...


The Amazing Pipe Bender Payback:  Between 2 and 6 months!!!news

The Amazing Pipe Bender Payback: Between 2 and 6 months!!!

THE AMAZING PIPE BENDER PAYBACK:  Between 2 and 6 months!

When we go to the SEMA show in November, I always look forward to seeing our ...


Huth Benders

The 2600 is designed for production work and bending heavier materials up to 3" OD. It meets the standards set by our other models for precise bending and end finishing. The 2600 provides 85,000 lbs. of bending force.

Featured - Model 2600 Bender

Huth redefines expanding portability and convenience with this down-sized, air-powered expanding unit. Mitey Mate Jr. is not a lesser expander: it delivers both the power and the accuracy you demand.

Featured - Model 1685s Portable Expander
Featured - Model 1685s Portable Expander

Our Bead Segments can be used with various arbors to use for your end-finishing needs.

Featured - Bead Segments
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