"I received the collectors today, and must say very nice job!  The parts are accurate, consistent and visually on point.  Your guys/gals did a nice job all around, from order to delivery.  You all went above and beyond, but I get the feeling that is the norm from your staff."

NateNatedog CreationsPennsylvania

"I really like how your 1673 swager collets work compared to others.  That combination swager-expander is awesome, and a great value!"

JeffCarbon ExhaustCalifornia

"I have been ordering benders for almost 30 years and the turn around on the last one was unbelievable! Thanks."

MitchIndy ExhaustIndiana

"I just wanted to thank you, and your team, for another job well done ... This new clamping style is a 150% improvement over the older style ... I was really surprised and impressed that Ben Pearson was interested in improving what I had considered to be a workhorse of a machine that was performing just fine.  I would not hesitate to recommend Ben Pearson to anyone looking for a tubing bender.  The service I receive from your whole team, is second to none.  You have always made me feel that keeping my machines working properly is your first priority!  Thanks again."

AndyLou's Custom ExhaustMassachusetts

"Thank you for the help you gave me in repairing my bender.  Joe really knows his stuff.  He knew what he was talking about.  My bender is up and running without having to replace the motor as I originally thought."

Jim MidasIowa

"Our 1674 Expander machine does a nice job ... it's a major asset to the company.  We really like it."

KyleMcGinleyNew Jersey

"Nice to talk to real people that have a clue about their product.  You'd be surprised by how many that don't."

TeagueTwo CreateColorado

"I really like the easy way your equipment works.  Your service is very good too!"

JoeyLittle Joe's ToysIndiana

"I have no issues with my machine, and I've had it for 19 years.  I love it!"

BrianMuffler BrothersOhio

"I bought my HB10 made in 2003. I love my machine and use it all the time.  This is the best investment I ever made.  It is an excellent machine.  I do nothing but lube it weekly.  It still looks new!"

Mark RNiagara Auto CenterNew York

"I called to tell you how pleasant, patient and knowledgeable your people are on the phone.  A-1, 1st Class.  I bought $200 and Chris treated me like I was buying everything.  Mary was also great... I love buying from American made companies."

MelBrannon Custom HarvestingCalifornia

"I like the reliability of your equipment.  It lasts a long time."

PhilAsh AutoOhio

"My Huth machine works great.  You guys have great service."

JoshRhino LiningDelaware

"My Huth bender is fast and quiet.  Even guys without experience like it."

SteveQuality AutoIowa

"I love the way my HB10 operates and I like the knee pedal option.  The machine is easy to use."

DougClassic Restoration and CollisionTexas

"You make a great machine and it runs flawlessly.  Looks good too!  Any gearhead loves a good looking machine.  And I like talking to people that enjoy their work."

JohnJS Auto Zone

"I own 5 stores and I have HUTH machines in all of them.  Easy to use, simple and durable.  I never had a leak, and I like the tool trays and rotation dial."


"Your equipment lasts forever!  25 years now with no problems.  When there is an issue, your customer service helps me fix it with ease!"


"Your guys have YouTube videos and I've learned so much!  I've been bending for years but there was so much I didn't know.  Glad I am able to still get parts for my old machine."

EverettEverett's RepairMaine

"No problems with my bender.  If it needs maintenance, it is easy with your customer service.  I like your updated tooling and accessories, like the Rod Bracket Bender!"

RichardMuffler KingOklahoma

"My Huth Bender is simple to run, bends consistently, and is easy to set up."

ChrisWatson CarportsTennessee

"I was dead in the water and your customer service was over the top!"

KevinMad Hatter MufflerFlorida

"Thank you again for your help ... It's great to get support 'after the sale' and I do truly appreciate your's and Huth's time and effort ... I like to stick with companies and products that I feel good about!"

NathanNatedog CreationsPennsylvania

"I've been using my bender for 25 years now.  It is really easy to use."

ErinA & E Auto RepairNew York

"I love my bender ... You couldn't improve it!"


"I bought a 1685 expander from you guys.  This unit is freakin' awesome! I love the thing!"

RussRuss and Ron's Auto RepairPennsylvania

"We needed to re-size 200,000 ducts that were incorrectly manufactured.  Time was a critical issue.  The people at Huth were terrific.  They delivered four machines in one day and we were in full production in 48 hours.  The machines were easy to use for new operators, and were very consistent and precise in the resizing process."


"My 30 year old Huth Bender still works like a dream!"


"Your turnaround time is very good, my 1674 expander works great, and you were able to make custom tooling for us."

JohnAdvance Welding TechnologyPennsylvania

"My Huth 2010 model bender works great!  We haven't had a problem in 20 years."

ErnieMidasNew Hampshire

“With your products, it is easy to change out dies.  It's easy on your body and joints.  I use the auto option ...  We have both a Ben Pearson MC-59 and Huth 2806, and really like both of them."

JohnCountry Club ExhaustFlorida

“That custom segment you made for me works perfectly.  We launched the product’s production, after about 10 min of me dialing in the machine, I got it up and running and my guys are out there right now knocking out parts as we speak.   they are coming out the exact same every time and fitting perfectly inside of our specs. Trust me, after this experience, you will be hearing from me for any other custom work I may need down the road”.

“I knew your products could handle this stainless material.  Your phone support helped me with getting tools and machine parts and got this project running. You made it simple for me … VERY SIMPLE. You guys are very cooperative, helpful, and put out some good learning points that I needed for my project.”


“We have had the Huth HB-10 for years.  I use it to make custom exhaust and it is really easy to use."

JerryMajestic AutoMissouri

“Our Vertical bemder is great, and we get good help from customer service. You guys have a good relationship with us. We sell mail order High Performance exhaust all over the world, and this really helps us with our profitability.”

JohnSweet Bender Exhaust Wisconsin

“Your equipment is very dependable and durable.  Our profits go up when you can count on your machine."

GlennBetter BaseballGeorgia

“You guys are easy to deal with. I get fast answers to my questions.”


Doug Holly PerformanceKentucky

“We have a Huth 2806.  It is versatile and easy to use."


 “You’re equipment and service are second to nobody. And your work on custom tools really helps us with our projects.”

BobMuffler Shop PlusPennsylvania

“Your machines are so reliable, it’s Cadillac of benders. It’s old and lasted a really long time, and it still makes a lot of money for our shop.”

XavierTony’s MufflerCalifornia

“Our Mitey Mate 1685 is worth every penny.  My employees really like the way it operates.  It's "Money" for us."

MarkB & M AutoPennsylvania

“My MC59 is a Heavy Duty Built Machine … very durable.”


“The bender I got from you guys is a worthwhile machine and easy to operate."

RoyGood Guys AutoNew York

“Best Bender. Durable.” 

BradMuffler ManufacturingCanada

“No problem with our bender in the 20 years we have had it. It’s a really good product.”

PaulMidas Muffler Shop/KatzOhio
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