Huth Expander-ganza!

Get up to $500 in FREE tooling when you buy a Huth Expander, Reducer or Swaging Machine!

Summer Promotion: Available on orders for prompt shipment July 10 through Sept 1, 2017.

To receive up to $500 in free tooling, buy one of the following Huth Expander Models

  • Dual-Head Expander (Model 1674)
  • Dual-Head Vertical Expander (Model 1674V)
  • Expander-Reducer-Swager (Model 1673)
  • Benchtop Expander (Model 1690)
  • Portable Expander (Model 1691)

For Huth Hand-held Mitey Mate Jr. Expander (Model 1685S), get one FREE tool to use on your 1685S Mitey Mate Jr. with purchase at the same time (approximate value $50 to $280).

How it works: Just buy one of Huth’s leading quality expander machines for tube and pipe end forming (see above), and you will receive a credit for up to $500 in free expander tooling (list price basis, not including the Mitey Mate Jr model 1685S).

Simply work with your distributor to identify the best $500 in FREE tooling for you, to ship with your new expander, reducer or swaging machine.

Tooling and the machinery should be on the same order. Orders must be shipped by September 29, 2017. Not valid with any other promotion offer. Not valid where prohibited. List price data available through Huth approved distributors, or by special permission from Huth Ben Pearson International LLC. Does not include custom tooling. Good on expander, reducer and swaging tooling only.

Portable Expander-Swager for versatile end forming

Portable expander with two powerful cylinders

Portable expander with two powerful cylinders

With hands-free foot pedal operation

With hands-free foot pedal operation

17000 lbs of expanding force right in your hand

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Dual-head Expander (Model 1674) Expander-Swager (Model 1673) Dual-head Expander (Model 1674V) Benchtop Expander (Model 1691) Benchtop Expander (Model 1690) Mitey Mate, JR Model 1685