Huth Oil Filter Crusher
Huth Oil Filter Crusher
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Huth’s Quick-Crush Oil Filter Crusher Model 6020

Use on your Huth Bender or Portable Swager/Expander.

Quick and easy setup and operation.
Huth’s new Quick•Crush Oil Filter Crusher (Part Number 6020) allows you to quickly and easily crush oil filters to a fraction of their original size while allowing you to reclaim the dirty oil for proper disposal.  Maximum size filter 4" Rd x 8" Long
The Quick•Crush attaches to any Huth Bender swager box or Huth Portable Swager/Expander using 890 or 891 collet holders.
The Quick Crush comes with its own cart that directs the reclaimed oil into your 5-gallon bucket. The cart doubles as a storage rack for the filters. When the Quick Crush is not attached to your bender, the cart makes a handy storage tray.
Requires part number 818 Quick Trick™ holder.

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