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Learning From Fabricators At FABTECH 2017

Learning from fabricators at FABTECH


Right after SEMA last November (which kicks off show season for the Huth Ben Pearson marketing team) we attended the FABTECH show in Chicago. We talked to scores of active participants in the tube and pipe fabrication business at our booth in the “Tube and Pipe area” for the 3 days of the show. What we thought might be interesting was both what they were fabricating, and how they thought about doing it. Highlights included:

  • Bending and the modern farm: We had a lot of interest from agriculture companies for a broad array of farm applications … gates, feeders, panels, railings, stanchions, structure frames, etc. They claimed our bending machines are very versatile and handy, and a very useful buy at the types of price points we offer.
  • Building structures with square or round tube: Fabricators whose business was building structures was another key area of conversation at the show.They manufactured and sold carports and greenhouses, signposts, structure frames, outdoor ornamentals, and a lot more. We spoke with them about cost-effective ways to manufacture … bump bending technique for really large radius bends, square bending, square and rectangular bending dies, and more.
  • We showed the new 2650 Fabrication bender, with great feedback. Top of the line power, with a heavy-duty reinforced frame and a super big oil tank that will stand up to multiple-shift usage. And still at a really affordable price. The people mentioned above thought this tube and pipe bender was a great concept.
  • End forming and more end forming: We talked to a lot of people about end forming, and specific end forming applications. Lots of people doing cool swaging work …  Solid tool expansions to get perfect rounds, swaging different materials like copper, brass, aluminum, titanium, stainless, and less common alloys of steel.Our 1673 expanding machine (it reduces and swages, too!) was very popular, as were our line-up of tube expanders.
  • Lots of automotive guys come to FABTECH as well! We spoke with frame builders (not only automotive, but go cart frames, too!), guys who work with automotive exhaust tubing, builders and fabricators, looking for ideas on how to be even more successful.


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