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What We Learned at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas

What we learned at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas…

If you haven’t been to the SEMA automotive aftermarket show in Las Vegas in the last few years, you are missing something! Screaming 1000+ horse engines, the slickest paint jobs in the universe, and 160,000 passionate automotive market participants … leather, cool hairdos and tattoos abound.

In addition to all these trappings, there is an amazing amount of car knowledge as well. Some interesting conversation areas we had out at the show included these:

  • Horsepower: Everyone is looking for an edge over their competition. We had a ton of interest in our seamless collectors for header systems. No seams internally means less friction to the flow of exhaust gases, which can mean more power… and less chance for leakage.
  • Diesel: People looking for ways to make working with pre-bent fittings a bit easier in the diesel market was HOT!  Many were surprised that they could easily expand 4” - 12” plus fittings/tubes for easy to manage slip fits when building those systems. And we also previewed a couple items we are working on … stay tuned!
  • Simple tools: Our little hand rod bender won a runner-up award for the best new tool! How cool is that … sometimes simplicity wins out! It easily bends 3/8 inch hanger rod, as well as metal straps.
  • Tubing: We spoke with a lot of people about tubing specs. Occasionally, people are having a hard time bending 3 inch. We found some suppliers specs do not always guarantee a .080 inch wall thickness or greater. This is (and always has been) important! If you bend 3 inch, please check into this! 

Se Habla Español: Lots and lots of international interest. We have selling brochures in Spanish … more to be developed!

If you are working in any of these areas, and need some help, call us! 800-558-7808




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